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High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. is fully dedicated to the Commercial Property Management industry.  Our mission is to repair, replace and install glass and door related products and services that will meet and exceed the expectations of each customer.  We want to create consistent and durable value for our customers, help them to manage and reduce risks on their properties, and continue to grow with them by offering outstanding service and workmanship.

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Some of our employees have been with High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. from its humble beginnings more than 20 years ago.  Today, High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. has grown into a reliable corporation that offers a wide range of services and tackles complex projects. Since late 2012, investments have been made and will continue to be made by new ownership to make sure High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. remains a leader in Southern California.  We are committed to responsiveness, excellent customer service, being a solution provider, high quality craftsmanship, and flawless execution.


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Our experienced sales, technicians, and service team have earned the trust and confidence of our clients over the years with their vast knowledge and hard work.  High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. has the privilege to service a long list of reputable clients in Southern California and work on some of the tallest buildings on the West coast.  High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. works closely with its network of vendors across the US to bring our clients a wider array of innovative products and services in the glass and door industry. 

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High Rise and Door, Inc. is proud of its impeccable safety record.  We go beyond the safety regulations mandated by the state and strive to maintain a safe and tidy work environment at all times.  We believe that safety is an integral part of our operations and help us reach a  higher standard of quality.  Our crews are continuously trained and certified to use any building's rigging system, boom lifts, scissor lifts, scaffolding, platform stages, safety equipment, and pneumatic systems. High Rise Glass and Door, Inc. carries a high liability insurance and ensures that all members of our company are covered.

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President & CEO

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